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Fabulous @ 40 !!!

Vidya D'souza- Pinkathon Ambassador

I feel so honoured to release this 8th edition  of Pinkathon@Home! Newsletter with a unique theme—Fabulous@40!!!

When I first read about Milind Soman, our Chief mentor completing the Iron Man Triathlon in 2014, I decided the very next moment that if the man at 50 can do it, then why can't I? When I further witnessed his leap of 100 Miles in 2016, I truly started believing that humans are limitless and can do anything they believe. I am associated

with this great movement called PINKATHON since 2016. I once met one of my training girls who was made to wear a saree by her mother-in-law so that she would not run with us.

That gave me the inspiration of running a 100 Miles in a saree from Mumbai to Pune to give a message to those women who are uncomfortable or cannot wear fitness gear to run.

My dear friends, yes, you can run in anything. You just have to move out and challenge yourself to run!


Running was just a normal stage in my life and all these experiences associated with it became part of my regular life even when I was approaching my 40s. I never realised how being physically active helped ease my 40s changeover with such smoothness and seamless. I often heard from my friends and families praising and complimenting me, for looking younger by the day!

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The Secret editorial 8
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You cannot make everyone happy | Niharicka Singh | TEDxCVS


We can't always look young or stay the same forever like we did when we were in our 20s. With time, our bodies change, our mentality change, and our approach towards things change as well. But what stays the same is how we let others perceive us. Even today, in our 40s, we care too much about what people say, what they think about us, which is honestly quite draining. 

If we start creating boundaries, start pushing out the negatives, and focus more on things that help us grow, the wrinkles won't become less, but half our worries will surely disappear.

Watch Niharicka Singh a YouTuber who creates funny and humourous content, with over 1.5 million subscribers telling us why you cannot make everyone happy at TEDx Talks


Restart your Corporate Career!

Hey all you girls in their 40s!!! So many of you now get more time to think about the career you left behind due to your kids being young and taking care of your families. Here is a short article to inspire you to restart  your career back😊

Things to read 1

Home-schooling - The New Reality

Physical activity has significant health benefits for hearts, bodies and minds. It improves your brain health, maintains your weight, and strengthens your bones and muscles. Besides reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, physical activity enhances thinking, learning, and judgment skills. It helps in improving overall well-being and ensures healthy growth and development

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Swasth Rahega Tan Toh Khila Rahega Mann!.jpg

Sawasth rahega tan toh khila rahega mann!

Swasth rahe ga tan tho khilta rahe ga mann, usake liye ajao tum sab Pinkathon ke aangaan, 

yaha milega tumko swasth tan aur mann jisme lagega na koi bhi tumhara dhan, 

naye naye guruo se tum sikhoge Yoga, 

jo kal tak nahi hua tumse vo bhi ab sab hoga!

Recipe of the week HP

Recipe of the week 

Protein pack salad.jpeg

I had a good run today and as usual was hungry. I usually have my dinner early so I make sure that whatever I eat should be good enough for my body, not making me feel heavy and at the same time it should be very nutritious and delicious! Aren’t we all looking for something of that sort? Your wait ends here 


Presenting to you Kidney Beans and Sprouted Moong Beans salad! 

Protein Packed salad


The New Normal

Hi dear Pinkies,


So most of you 45 plus got vaccinated and now you girls below 45 still waiting for your vaccination slot?  Studies and  experience from few tells us vaccination does not give you full immunity and you could still get affected.  Here are the guidelines how to stay safe till get jabbed😊 

Let us pledge today that we will win this war against Covid . 

Here is our guide to overcome Covid-19 together . Let all of us and our family and loved ones follow these simple, easy to remember, 20 points in our day to day lives starting now. 

The Big Idea



Pushpa Prasoon is here to share some views and facts about "Mental Health". What do you think at what age depression can happen to any age. As we are talking about women in their 40s, let's understand how to be fabulous @40 and not fall into the trap. Listen to the podcast attached for a wider look. There are many ways to keep the blues at bay.

Hi, Fabulous@40's Pinkies, 40 is the age when women have little more time to take care of themselves as kids
are grown and things around them. So, this is the perfect time to start focussing on yourself and more than that start being active, and there is no better activity than running.

Pink Sister Rajani Pai asked few questions to Pinkathon Ambassador and Ultra Marathoner Vidya D'Souza around running.

Ask the Expert HP


Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Mahesh Katkar, Vaduj 

What do Doctors do when they are not seeing their patients? They start running and not only that they also empower women of the cities to come ahead and run for their health. Here is the inspiring story of Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Mahesh Katkar from Vadju 😊

Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Mahesh Katkar.png

Check this out

Unmute with Reema Sanghavi

UnMute is a digital talk show hosted by Reema Sanghavi; engaging in an informal chat with various celebrity guests. Everyone’s pursuit of happiness has a story behind it, whether borne out of anger, love, fear excitement, struggle, pride, or any of the above! Our aim is to help bring out that experience and share it with people who relate!

Hosted on digital platforms, this show will be in a multi-guest Q&A format in order to cover a range of trending topics about the guest’s life, profession, interests, sharing views, or common experiences, motivating viewers to pass through the difficult times not only during and post lockdown but in general times too.

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Our Hero


Anjali Shah - @thepickyeater

Bored of the regular treats and want to treat your tummy to something delicious yet healthy? Anjali Shah has the perfect recipe for every mood. From cakes with the tastiest crumb to salads with the best dressings, she's got you covered. 

Check out her endless list of tasty recipes and choose from a variety of appetizers, main course, desserts, snacks, and so much more on her instagram page!

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