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Our Hero

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Anmish Bhupathiraju hailing from Visakhapatnam is the World Champion in Karate and secured Medals from 2015 to 2019. He is an eminent social worker and runs an NGO which relentlessly works at any place where their selfless services are required. His NGO, Kalpavruksh Trust has been part of Pinkathon at Vizag & Hyderabad since 2015.

Engage in the conversation between Sree Karuna and Anmish Bhupathiraju, the champion and crusader of good causes for the Pinkathon family. 

Sree Karuna: How did you come to know about Pinkathon? And why did you feel like associating yourself with Pinkathon?


Anmish: We can term it as pure destiny. I was at store procuring some mementoes for an event when I met Jyothirmayi & Sirisha and we instantly got speaking and I was impressed with the concept of Pinkathon that they were organizing for the first time in the city. I am an advocate of fitness for everyone and also believed that women need to give their time for the same. I gladly associated as I felt this is the right concept for promoting women fitness, as there was also a cause associated where awareness was being created about Breast Cancer and the issues related along with it. I saw firsthand the joy it gave by serving as a platform for women to come together for this happy event.  I realized that my mom and everyone else in the extended family along with my neighbours were also incredibly happy by participating in Pinkathon.

It is refreshing for the women as they always keep the family and their needs ahead of themselves. I have personally been to colleges & schools to promote on behalf of Pinkathon and spread awareness about the importance of fitness for women.


Sree Karuna: You are a champion yourself. How did you get to the field of volunteering?


Anmish: Apart from being a world champion, I am also a social worker and I like to do things that add value to the society and Pinkathon gave me an opportunity to do that, adding to what I was already doing. I attended not only in Vizag but also in Hyderabad and have seen how big an impact Pinkathon is making across cities. I personally spearhead the volunteers for Vizag Pinkathon every year. It’s an annual ritual for us.


Sree Karuna: How did your fitness journey start?


Anmish: I am a fitness freak since my childhood, and I work out every day. The practice and fitness keeps me going and makes me give my best in anything I do. Fitness has become a lifestyle and I cannot do away without workout any day just like how I cannot live without food & sleep.


Sree Karuna: How is the concept of fitness different now with the new normal?


Anmish: Just like everyone during this lockdown I found new things to keep my fitness intact as all the grounds were closed and the regular running space which is the beach road was closed. With no gyms or outdoor facilities, I started practising at home and my biometrics equipment with me like dumbbells and skipping rope helped me keep my fitness journey intact. I used the open terrace and basic equipment to work out. Now with the opening of places, I am getting back to working out in nature which is the best.


Sree Karuna: Being a Martial Arts Champion, how important are martial arts as self-defence for women?


Anmish: Women in sensitive times like today should be well equipped with self-defence techniques. It helps to build confidence and strength. I have been conducting free sessions for people to learn self-defence and have conducted Saturday training sessions for Pinkathon in the last 5 years. I advocate having a curriculum of self-defence classes included in our education system.


Sree Karuna: What do you recommend or propose in order to see more women take up fitness?


Anmish: Pinkathon is already a gamechanger for the city of Vizag when it comes to how women have come forward in taking up fitness at an individual level. I personally know many women who have taken up fitness for themself and have been consistent. Everyone can take up any physical activity within their permissible limits and be consistent. The duration of fitness activity is not important as much as consistency is. If initiatives like Pinkathon can go to more place in various tiered cities and towns it can make a massive impact on the overall health of women in India. It would be impactful if various volunteer groups can be approached in each city/town to take up activities.


Sree Karuna: How do you see yourself in the upcoming years in regard to your fitness activities?


Anmish: I started my mountaineering journey couple of years back and as part of that I have started climbing all the 8 summits’ peak. But due to the pandemic, my journey is short-lived. I’m working on doing the same when things get normal and when mountains are open to being embraced.

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