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Hi, Fabulous@40's Pinkies, 40 is the age when women have little more time to take care of themselves as kids
are grown and things around them. So, this is the perfect time to start focussing on yourself and more than that start being active, and there is no better activity than running. 

Pinkathon Ambassador Rajani Pai and Pinkathon Ambassador and Ultra Marathoner Vidya Dsouza have answered some common questions about running.

Is Running going to affect my Knees in the long Run?

Never Ever!!!😊 Humans are born to run. You will hurt your knees only if you run too fast, too soon, or for a longer distance😊. Take up running as a regular exercise in moderation for the benefit of health. Practice slowly and then keep aiming higher!


What is good to be consumed before a Marathon Run?

Different people have different bodies and training levels which they respond to differently. Generally, Complex carbohydrates like banana, oats, bread with peanut butter or any homemade simple food are good to be consumed before Marathon so that your body lasts longer to complete Marathon injury free.


How much water should one drink during Runs?

Once again, it depends on the individual body, training and fitness level. It is important to keep your body hydrated during runs. Generally, one must target to hydrate every 20-30 minutes with minimum 50 ml water. It is even better to alternate between water and electrolyte drinks to compensate for the loss of body salt through sweat.


How often Should one Run a Full Marathon? 

It depends on your training and fitness levels and your aspirations. Legend Marathon Runners like Kipchoge ran only 13 Marathons in his career out of which he won 12😊. If you run slower than your normal running pace, and regularly run long kilometers, you can even run a Full Marathon every month too. But one should follow simple rule of sustainability. Always ask yourself a question, Will I be able to sustain this activity even if I am the busiest? If the answer is NO, then you must think again about overdoing things. Ultimately what matters is you should remain healthy and active with a peaceful mind.