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Ask The Expert 

Deepa Deval has been into fitness for the past 25 years and has supported Pinkathon in Vizag since its very first edition in 2015. She has also helped with Saturday training sessions as early from 2016. For her fitness is a way of life. Through the questions asked, she explains how one should be aware of fitness and how it helps to enhance the quality of life.


For Deepa, total fitness is her vision—Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual well-being of a person, not merely an absence of disease. She joined Pinkathon because she believed in its vision of bringing fitness awareness among women. Her aim was to spread awareness about safety training and the need for total fitness.

Q: As a fitness expert, what is an ideal workout ?


A: A  combination of cardio, toning, flexibility and breathing exercises. But the latter three are almost ignored among all age groups. To be conscious of these aspects would improve the quality of mobility and stability over the years. Toning helps you keep up the muscle mass as you age. Stronger muscles provide stronger joints, resulting in more fitter and healthier body.

Combining flexibility with the above aspects of fitness should be done mindfully. Scheduling days of the week to do varied exercises is ideal.

What exercises/activities you can do to ensure an equal combination of all the above aspects.

  • Cardio - Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Aerobics, Dance Fitness

  • Breathing and Flexibility - Nirvana Breathing Fitness, Pilates, Yoga

  • Toning - Body Weight Exercises and Gym


Q: How does one pursue fitness?


A: Knowing and doing are two separate things. Be disciplined and consistent about exercise, diet and rest is the key to overall fitness. Good sleep is important for the body to recover and be ready for what is next.

Besides this, it is important to do the following:

  • Get Medical Check-Up done once in 2 years.

  • Maintain a routine And follow it with discipline

  • Have a fixed time for waking -up and have a fixed schedule for your meals.

  • Ensure to get at least 7 To 9 hours of sleep.


 Q: How should one focus on one's Nutrition?


A: By following a balanced diet to ensure that your body gets all the essentials food nutrients. Keep your diet simple and doable at home with available local food.

Ensure that you:

  • Consume a good amount of proteins, as proteins are the building blocks of our body.

  • Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables and avoid processed food.

  • Being mindful of what you eat help. Do not engage with gadgets while eating. This prevents from over-eating.


Q: Why is being emotionally fit an integral part of overall fitness and how can one stay emotionally fit?


A: Emotions are the driving force of our lives. Learning to control our emotions can be achieved by controlling our senses. Doing things in moderation helps you control senses.

A few ways to ensure you are emotionally fit:

  • Practice regular breathing exercises with Nirvana breathing fitness drills and Pranayama.

  • Set yourselves small goals so that you don’t make yourself over-anxious about things.

  • Try focusing on the happier things in your life.


To know more, one can personally visit Deepa Deval at Ddz Deepa's Total Fitness or email her at

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