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I am privileged to be able to present this edition of the Pinkathon@Home! newsletter.

A big thank you to Milind Soman for giving me this opportunity. This is my humble attempt to present some interesting information about wellness which encompasses both a healthy body and a sound mind. Maintaining a perfect balance between these two will equip us to face the current Covid pandemic. While the government is lifting up the lockdown to save our sinking economy, we need to remember the safety and hygiene guidelines and follow them religiously, not only for ourselves but for all around us.

A Healthy Outside Starts from a Healthy Inside !

Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Alka Walavalkar

We need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, diligently following the precautions we’ve been following since the lockdown, moving out only if necessary, and taking special care of our children and the elderly. It is important to stay active and spare time for health & fitness activities, along with paying special attention to diet and mental health. All this will help us to build our immunity which will act as a shield from all possible infections. Let’s together put in all efforts in the war against COVID-19 and pray with gratitude to be back to our previous normal.

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10 Foods to Boost Immunity 


Why do some individuals catch infections quickly whereas others can resist it well. This depends upon how strong an immune system one has. Same exposure can lead to one person falling sick and the other being unaffected by the disease.
In view of  the current pandemic it's very important to pay attention to maintain a sound immune system which can save us from the infection or let it pass by as a minor infection without complications. A good immune system largely depends upon what one eats. Certain nutrients are linked to a strong immune system. Try and include the foods listed in the video above boost your immunity.


A Healthy Gut leads to a Healthy Lifestyle!

The human body harbor’s 10 times microbial cells as human cells called the human microbiome. As researchers unravel the various roles of the human microbiome in overall health and immunity and in our behavior and responses, the medical community has started counting it as an organ and has started looking into how it affects various aspects of well-being.


The gut is the center of microbial activity in the human body and maintaining good gut health depends largely on the type of microbiome it harbors. From the time you are born, your experiences, like whether you were delivered via C- section and whether you were breastfed, your lifestyle choices as what you eat and who you come in contact determine the shape and form of your gut microbiome and this, in turn, shapes your gut health and who you are and what are your immunity levels.


Fresh Fruit Ice cream


Ice cream is something that very few can resist but the fact that it is laden with refined sugar can make relishing it guilt-free impossible. I simply loved the fresh mango ice cream made by my friend's mother, Jyoti Karkhanis which did not require much sugar due to the presence of fresh fruit.


To make it healthier I used jaggery instead of sugar in her recipe and my guilt-free indulgence was ready!!


Any fresh fruit can be used. I have tried this recipe with Mango, Chikoo & Muskmelon. All are equally delicious. Share this recipe with all health-conscious ice cream lovers.

Recipe of the week - Basil Chutney

From a healthy gut to stronger immunity, the benefits of basil leaves are many. The volatile oils present in the herb has many medicinal properties.


The best way to consume basil retaining its properties is by consuming it raw. The recipe below is basil chutney which not only preserves all the properties of basil but also enhances its effectiveness due to the presence of supporting ingredients.

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‘FAD DIETS’ are meant to be fad.

In these times of the pandemic, it is important for all of us to understand what DIET really means and not to fall for any fad diets as it may lead to compromised immunity, the biggest risk to take.


In Dietetics the word ‘Diet’ means eating a variety of foods that gives you all the nutrients needed to maintain good health, feel good, and have optimum energy levels. These nutrients include three major nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, also known as Macronutrients and some vitamins and minerals known as Micronutrients and the universal solvent ‘water’ which makes up to 70% of the human body.



Understanding and Managing Stress with Ms. Aviva Damania

The COVID-19 pandemic has majorly increased the stress levels. Fear and anxiety related to the disease has caused mental pressure to many. Physical distancing can make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety. Understanding and managing stress in a positive way is necessary.  

Ms. Aviva Damania will be helping us to understand the root of stress and how to manage it with ease. Aviva is the founder of The Mind Essentials, a platform for online counselling and Mental Health Services. She is a Psychologist – Mental Health Specialist, trained at City, University of London (MSc. Mental Health).

I hope, this podcast helps you all in understanding ‘Stress’ in a positive way!

Understanding and Managing Stress with Ms. Aviva DamaniBy Alka Walawalkar
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Q. How to get back to Running Routine post lockdown?

How to Avoid Common Running injuries?.pn

Q. How to Avoid Common Running injuries?

Q. Should one wear a knee or ankle brace to protect joints while running?

Any tips on Post Running for early recov

Q. Any tips on Post Running for early recovery?

So much information on the net but sometimes our questions remain unanswered!   Please send in your questions to us about physical fitness, exercise, injury, nutrition or anything else concerning health and maximising your abilities, and our experts will do their best to help!!

How to get back to Running Routine post
Should one wear a knee or ankle brace to


Interview with Kranti Salvi

Our Hero Kranti Salvi is a Pinkathon ambassador of Girgaon, Mumbai. A passionate runner and an achiever. She participated in all 8 Editions of Pinkathon Mumbai. A Guinness Book of World records holder, Comrades 2019 Tata Ultra Marathon finisher, with title- fastest Marathon in Sari and MRR best runner awardee for consecutive four years.

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Epidemics yet to come ! TEDxSMU

For 10 years, TEDxSMU has brought new and inspiring ideas from across the world. It is an independently organized TEDx event which showcases great ideas backed by passionate discoveries. It provides a learning environment updated with latest information. In the ‘Now Trending’ section of this newsletter we hear Global health expert Alanna Shaikh talking about the status of the coronavirus outbreak and what this can teach us about the epidemics yet to come. She discusses the obvious questions faced by our generation - Are we pushing the mother earth to witness more outbreaks like COVID 19? Are the choices we are making self-destructive? Are we ready for any further outbreaks?
Are the countries prepared to take up the ensuing outbreaks?
Watch the video to know more!

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