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Pinkathon Ambassador | Dr. Alka Walavalkar

I  am privileged to be able to present this edition of the Pinkathon@Home! newsletter.

A big thank you to Milind Soman for giving me this opportunity. This is my humble attempt to present some interesting information about wellness which encompasses both a healthy body and a sound mind. Maintaining a perfect balance between these two will equip us to face the current Covid pandemic. While the government is lifting up the lockdown to save our sinking economy, we need to remember the safety and hygiene guidelines and follow them religiously, not only for ourselves but for all around us.


We need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, diligently following the precautions we’ve been following since the lockdown, moving out only if necessary, and taking special care of our children and the elderly. It is important to stay active and spare time for health & fitness activities, along with paying special attention to diet and mental health. All this will help us to build our immunity which will act as a shield from all possible infections. Let’s together put in all efforts in the war against COVID-19 and pray with gratitude to be back to our previous normal.

This edition includes a video which will provide information on how to boost immunity naturally by including immunity boosting foods in our diet.

The 'Things to read' section will unfold some facts about ‘gut microbiota’ and its significance in maintaining optimum health. This lockdown we all have been cooking our own meals, so here are two recipes to try - an immunity boosting chutney and a yummy but healthy ice cream recipe.

Under the 'Secret' section, we have a video on the most edible plant on the earth with its benefits unraveled. 

Do check out 'The Big Idea' section as we explore what diet really means and how FAD DIETS are actually meant to be a FAD and nothing more. Eat healthy Be healthy, as every meal is an opportunity to nourish the body.


We all face stress in our day to day lives and it's inevitable. As long as we can manage it, it's a part of life. But when it becomes unmanageable and takes the shape of chronic stress, it becomes injurious to all aspects of life and takes away the fun of living. It also leads to compromised immunity. To get some tips on managing stress before it takes over us, do listen to the audio podcast section which covers an interview with Ms. Aviva Damania, a psychologist who helps people manage stress.


Dr. Shivani Pandey, our Bandra East Pink Sister, will address queries related to running in ‘Ask the Expert’ section, to enable our readers run injury-free as we resume running gradually with phased unlocking of the lockdown.

Our hero for the Pinkathon@Home! newsletter is none other than our Mumbai Pinkathon Ambassador Kranti Salvi from Girgaon, whose journey as a runner is an inspiration to many. Finely balancing her family responsibilities and passion for running, she has participated in 14 International marathons in 5 continents.


The 'Now trending' section gives an insight of the current pandemic in the words of global health consultant Ms. Alanna Shaikh through her TEDxSMU talk.


Gratitude is the greatest virtue which attracts positivity in life. We need to be grateful to be alive, to be able to stay safe within our homes.


I hope the Pinkathon family likes this effort and each one finds at least one useful piece of information which can be implemented for a better and healthier living.


Have fun, stay fit, stay healthy, and stay safe!

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