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Fabulous @ 40

Hi Pink Sisters!!


I feel so honoured to release this 8th edition  of Pinkathon@Home! Newsletter with a unique theme—Fabulous@40!!!


When I first read about Milind Soman, our Chief mentor completing the Iron Man Triathlon in 2014, I decided the very next moment that if the man at 50 can do it, then why can't I? When I further witnessed his leap of 100 Miles in 2016, I truly started believing that humans are limitless and can do anything they believe. I am still associated with this great movement called PINKATHON since 2016. I once met one of my training girls who was made to wear a saree by her mother-in-law so that she would not run with us. That gave me the inspiration of running a 100 Miles in a saree from Mumbai to Pune to give a message to those women who are uncomfortable or cannot wear fitness gear to run. My dear friends, yes, you can run in anything. You just have to move out and challenge yourself to run!


Running was just a normal stage in my life and all these experiences associated with it became part of my regular life even when I was approaching my 40s. I never realised how being physically active helped ease my 40s changeover with such smoothness and seamless. I often heard from my friends and families praising and complimenting me, for looking younger by the day!


During the lockdown, many of us learnt how to stay and remain active even at home, including running at home. But some of us did not pay heed to our health, because we were so caught up in the chains of work from home that we neglected our bodies and suffered from health issues only to learn that health is above everything else. While we couldn't meet for our regular outdoor runs or training, we ensured that we connected at least on social media, which definitely worked as a boon during such time. 


This newsletter is primarily dedicated to women of Fabulous@40! What makes 40 feel so different? Why do we perceive 40 as the top of the proverbial "hill," the hill that supposedly takes us down into the valley of old age? For women, it could be due to this one word: Estrogen, which makes the metabolism process slow down, increasing belly fat, hormonal playgrounds, losing skin elasticity, etc. This makes women more conscious and they start to worry. But there's nothing to worry about this period in life. It is absolutely normal. In fact, this stage would rather be a time when one can finally start focusing on themselves and their diet/health.  This is a period in which everyone is well settled in their careers and families. Their kids are now grown up and thus they are able to take out time for health. They literally are able to think more about themselves and take care of themselves.


Making the best of amazing initiative by our Guru Milind Soman to build up communication amongst all of us through Fabulous@40s!!! Thank you Milind Soman and Pinkathon for raising this platform for all my fellow Pink Sisters. Not forgetting Reema Sanghvi, the dashing Co-founder of Pinkathon, who truly believes and works towards women empowerment. 

Together We Will Do More 😊

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