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Pinkathon Ambassador | Rupali Samant 

I am privileged to be able to showcase my skills through this wonderful edition of the Pinkathon@Home! newsletter. 

First and foremost I wish to convey my gratitude to Pinkathon founder, Milind Soman. He developed this amazing initiative of the editorial. It is his incredible enterprise to start Pinkathon and today it is the World’s largest Women’s fitness organization. My name is Rupali Samant and I am proud to be the Ambassador of the wonderful Pinkathon Girgaon, Mumbai group.


I am delighted to nurture women who are dedicated to fitness and keen to lead a healthier life. Fitness and people make up half of me. The other part of me is made up of my family and my writing. These are the two things closest to my heart. While fitness and counseling help me, my main motivation to wake up every morning is my family. I am a part-time trainer and a part-time counselor but I am a full-time mother. Being a mother is the one role that gives me the most pride. I have impacted and molded two beautiful children. Life with them got me addicted to writing. I write to bring a smile on people’s faces when they wake up in the morning. I write because it brings me peace, but also because it helps people to understand themselves better and their lives as well. At the end of the day, monetary items are not what people remember us by. We are remembered by our values and the number of lives we have impacted.

In this fifth Newsletter Edition, I have chosen topics that range from diet to mental wellness. Get to know some amazing tips, by unveiling "Secret." There’s an intriguing video on how to ”Drink your food and chew your water!”
The 'Things to read' section will unfold some amazing facts about ‘How exercising makes you happier than money' followed by a healthy yummy nutty bar recipe.

Do not miss out on reading 'The Big Idea' this category deals with a very less known practice of "Hara Hachi Bu” 
Watch my conversation with the hero of this edition Pinkathon Ambassador Anju Mudgal.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my podcast on ”Self- Love Meditation”. The 'Now trending' section gives you an insight into how one motivates people. ”Puzzle of motivation” by Dan Pink explores how he can motivate people and companies. The Global TED talk calls for a new approach which focuses on the individual intrinsic motivations. The Intellectual Wellness section is the perfect insight to engage kids, individuals, and senior citizens. 

Hope this touches some aspect of your life and it helps you in your personal and social growth.

Thank you, Milind, Vaishnavi, and team Pinkathon for your timely support.

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