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My working table is missing: Gap on Resume

This is not only the story of you and me; it’s about a social belief that a woman’s first priority is to take care of her family. Due to this pressure, a negative impact is created on our health, finances, career, and job opportunities.

It is always difficult for women who re-enter their workspaces to start afresh. But it is never late to start working again. There are many reasons why women quit their jobs.

"It boils down to any explanation for your exit and you’re re-entering the workforce is better than no explanation," says Bennett Shinall.

Among the various reasons, some reasons why women end up in such situations where they need to choose between work and family is:

  • Added work pressure makes them quit, to take care of the family

  • Responsibilities of the house

  • Divided attention. They cannot give enough time to both, work & at home.

  • Lack of knowledge about their working rights.

But if you decide to re-enter the work field again, it may be a little overwhelming, especially if the time gap is vast. However, here are a few ways in which you can kick start.

  • Polishing your Resume and overcoming the gap factor by developing new skills.

  • Embrace your break

  • Be fearless and learn to face it

  • Check out Government policy for self-empowerment


For more information and guidance, visit the below-mentioned link:

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