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Home-schooling - The New Reality


During the coronavirus pandemic, home-schooling has become the new normal. However traditionally it has been viewed as something unorthodox. Most Indian parents feel that going to school and then college is a bare necessity to get a job. Home-schooling wasn’t believed to give a child the kind of exposure one needs to be worldly-wise.

However in the 21st century this scenario has completely changed. With evolving technology, going through traditional education is slowly becoming more and more optional and this pandemic seems to have proven that traditional education is really not necessary. If one can get the same knowledge for free or with minimal pricing online on websites or apps, then why pay for a school which teaches the same thing? 

As a matter of fact home-schooling was first suggested as an alternative to conventional education by American educationalists John Holt and Raymond Moore for parents who doubted educational reforms.

Ultimately it is surprising that while we have made leaps and bounds in technology, science, society and economics- something much more fundamental, our educational system, the very future of the next generation, has not improved in the least. However, they are improving now and not taking advantage of this opportunity is undoubtedly a mistake. This is the beginning of a new era, an educational zeitgeist, which shows a better, easier and more effective future ahead. 

Education has evolved: are you willing to evolve with it

-By Pink sister - Pushpa Prasoon