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Inner Peace



Inner Peace

Have you seen a person with a hearty laugh, with eyes that sparkle with joy, whose words are always kind,  and actions always thoughtful? Did you ever wonder how some people seem to be so radiant and happy from within?

A Lot of work goes into making yourself feel happy, being happy, and spreading happiness. It all starts with attaining inner peace.

Firstly, it is important to realise what ‘inner peace’ is.

There are things that one can change, there are things one might have to accept, and there are things one might have to let go.

It is good to note what is fair, what is not fair around you, and trying to change that to the best of your knowledge, experience and ability. It is great to acknowledge when you are not able to change things, and then accept them the way they are,  especially in relationships, usually with close family or friends.

When you have done enough with trying to change, then comes the time for you to let go... time to move on. Acknowledge that you have made efforts and let go of that without clinging and find your purpose for self. And remind yourself that you are enough. Say it to yourself  “I am enough" and keep repeating it till you subconsciously believe it too. What helps in being able to change, accept or let go, is investing some time every day with yourself, in nature with all your senses ready to receive. To see, to listen, to smell, to feel. It could be a five-minute barefoot walk on a patch of grass/sand/water, or it could be just looking up at the sky, smelling the flowers, tasting that tea, touching that tree ... anything that stimulates your senses and keeps you there without letting your thinking intervene. Just be, for those five minutes, where the soul recovers and rediscovers peace, joy, and happiness at that moment. "Happy me time" to you ❤


- Jyothirmayi

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