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Intellectual Wellness


The fall of Curiosity and Cognitive ability decreases with the rise in age.

The “use it or lose it” conjecture refers to the belief that cognitive function can be maintained or enhanced by exercising that function, offsetting cognitive decline in later life.


Intellectual wellness is the active participation in academic, scholastic, cultural, and community activities. It is important to maintain intellectual wellness because it expands your knowledge and your skills. This benefits you to live a stimulating, successful life. In order to improve intellectual wellness, it is important to value creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning. The time invested into your own personal growth is completely will either do it and stand out, or not.


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is truly good for senior citizens and not just for

children. The impulse to seek new information and experiences.To explore novel possibilities is a basic human nature. What makes children want to learn?


The joy of exploration and reasoning. We have realised that we normally see a lot of it in

children. Especially, when we see them exploring their environment, engaging with books and toys. They are constantly asking questions, so easily connecting with people and nature, manipulating data, so that they conveniently understand and perceive the meaning of it, and

seeking new learning experiences. What happens to all of this once you start ageing?


The ageing process highlights the importance of social and physical activity and engagement. Cognitive endeavours that engage our multiple activity domains have very crucial important benefits in the later stages of your life.


How does one Cognitively or rather mentally stay active in the later stage of your life:


Consistently Learning:

Learning is always what grows your confidence in life. When you continue to learn, or educate yourself, it is humbling to see how much there is still to know and how much you already know. The more you learn the more prepared you are for developing excellent decision making skills. The more knowledge you acquire the more information you have available to you when making critical decisions.. Be passionate for acquiring and developing new skills and information. You must always at any stage and age of your life be searching for something new to pursue. Always assume there is more you need to learn and you will experience a direct and obvious increase in your ability to comprehend.




It is so important that you relax. Reading in general, regardless of the content, is fabulous for your brain. Whether it's a murder mystery, fiction, your favorite poetry or a sports magazine, reading stimulates your imaginative process. Without your conscious effort your brain is translating the words into images that play like a movie in your mind. Reading gives you freedom. It surely is a break from reality. It puts you into another world and creates an emotional connection between yourself and the words on the paper. Some time in your life we need some time and place to escape. If you can not go on a vacation, reading a book is a great substitute.

Reading increases your vocabulary, provides your brain with examples of correct grammar and helps you become not only a better reader and writer, but more importantly a better



Learning something new:

Music has a wonderful impact on the mind and body. Learning to play an instrument surely develops your intellectual wellness. It is always nice if you can create new sounds, learn to read music. Learning a new language is also stimulating the mind. It benefits your intellectual health and mental wellbeing. Communication expands your learning and broadens the mind.


Maintaining a journal:

Clarity of thoughts and ideas help enhance intellectual wellness. Hence to feel the freedom to express your thoughts, start by writing your feelings and thoughts down in a diary or journal. Which is purely your space and your privacy. Bring out all that you wish to say and all that is hidden inside you. This helps bring clarity to yourself, the true person that you are.This helps you in understanding yourself better and creating intellectual wellness automatically.

Playing board games no matter at what age:

Whenever possible play board games or pick up a deck of cards and play together with family and friends. They help with the intellectual wellness. Board games and cards help you think,

apply logic and helps you focus better.


Solve Crossword puzzles or sudoku:

Both crossword puzzles and Sudoku help in increasing mind alertness and intellectual wellness. Finding words requires a good amount of brain power and skills together.

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