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The story of Vizag going pink began with one person's wish to bring the beautiful concept of ‘women-only’ run to Vizag. And then it became the story of many people who rediscovered themselves with the movement. Women who bounced back after childbirth, women who found their way back to fitness after marriage, working professionals who learned to include fitness and make it part of their life, and youngsters who found support and meaning in the concept. The journey goes on to add more, teach more and inspire more. We as a location strongly believe in "Fit Women For Fit Families” and have put the pieces together for you to experience our journey in words and memories. Our journey began in 2015 in Vizag/Visakhapatnam and the saga continues.

In this edition, you will read about a special Secret ingredient by Rashmi Majji and Suguna Viswanadhuni, who will let us know the uses of an ingredient we often find in our kitchens. To please your taste buds and also keep in check your health, do try out the tasty and easy recipe mentioned in the ‘Things to read’ section.

Through this edition, you will read about the determination of Rana Uppalapati, the man who skated for miles to spread awareness and stood for a cause so strong and how instrumental he has been in Vizag. The inspiring story of The World Kickboxing Champion—Anmish Varma told by ingenious story-teller and Pinkathon Ambassador Sree Karuna, is added in this edition. Another story narrated by the biker-mom and energetic Pinkathon Ambassador Vaishali Kulkarni, will throw light on the life of Shero Supriya.

Our fitness expert and a Zumba guide, Deepa Deval, who was introduced to me by Pinkathon Ambassador Sonam Sokhal,  will answer some questions on fitness and workouts. You can also watch and listen to Sirisha, Rana and me reminiscing about Vizag and the initial years of Pinkathon at Vizag.

Through this edition, you will also come across brave and courageous women like Sheela Amritraj, Khushboo Chauhan and Harshalatha Ravadawho and their incredible running journey, and how today they strive to promote a fit lifestyle everywhere they go.

Special mention and thanks to all the amazing Pinkathon Ambassadors—Aishwarya Ganguri, Poorvi Taunk, and  Anusha Regulla. Thank you Monika Kansaria for being an excellent facilitator. Last but not the least, to the man behind the lens Rakesh, and to Sirisha RS who has always been there since the beginning.

Hope you enjoy reading, listening and watching about our journey through these beautiful pieces, as much as we enjoyed putting this together for you.

Jyothirmayi Mukthineni, Pinkathon Ambassador of Visakhapatnam/Vizag

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