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An inspiring company!

KKLOGISTICS based in Mumbai, since 2009 is engaged in the business of Container Park management, container depot. They are nationally recognized as one of the leading road Container Depot operators, traveling the length and breadth of the country, offering a comprehensive range of distribution services and a high-quality service with experienced drivers and an excellent company safety record.

Throughout the lockdown period, they have successfully been
running operations at 100% efficiency and 1OO% success rate in deliveries to our clients.

They have been giving away masks, clinical gloves and sanitizers to truck drivers and
over a 1000 residents of local villages on a daily basis and successfully served home-cooked meals and distributed ration to 286 families from the nearby Adivasi haats and villages, every day, with proper care, hygiene and

Ensuring that those in need are provided free pick up and drop services all across the state of Maharashtra, has been a priority, as there has been an acute shortage of public

It is for their staff and the locals around them, that they have grown their business, turning it from just another logistics company into a CARING ONE.

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