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Covid 19 may be a novel Corona Virus, but it is stirring up some very age old instincts in people, which have been with humankind since the dawn of time - fear and anxiety.  The uncertainty of how long this situation will last, the constant stream of new information and the social isolation all create fertile ground for growing anxiety.  Panic, too, can be contagious. To get through this time as calmly and healthily as possible, it is important to be familiar with ways to calm ourselves.  All the tips given below will go a long way in assuaging these fears and contribute towards Mental health which is equally important along with Physical Health. 


Finding your CALM  - Be POSITIVE – By Dr. Avani Shah (Health coach / Diabetes Care Expert)


Do you find yourself in a state of anxiety or stress constantly?

Have you been snapping lately?

Do you find yourself running the gamut of emotions, from Joy to despair?

Do you feel fueled by the addled brain?


Fear not, as what you might be experiencing is perfectly normal, at least in a life altered by the Corona Virus pandemic. The stress levels induced by Covid-19 after daily being bombarded by not-so-good news, the interminable lockdown, social distancing, self quarantine, can reach staggering heights as one finds it tough to adjust to  the new routine. Yet, it is imperative that we guard our mental well-being along with physical fitness in order to wade through it, bust the stress, and reduce the cortisol levels. (Cortisol is a stress hormone released by the adrenal glands. It helps your body to deal with stressful situations, as your brain triggers its release to different kinds of stress. However, too high for too long is harmful rather than being helpful).


Reduction of cortisol levels and Participants' Responses following Art Making published in the journal of American Art Therapy Association by Girija Kamal, Kendra Roy and Juan Muniz found that just 45 minutes of creative activity can reduce your stress, regardless of past artistic experience or talent.


Art brings happiness, positivity, helps in staying focused and stabilizes the mind . The Calmness  unearths the potential of creativity compressed beneath the routines.

One can work on simple art forms like Doodling, sketching,  painting, calligraphy, paper art, origamy ,embroidery, photography. 


There are scores of  mental games, crosswords, puzzles , sudoku-the list is endless as one dives into it. After all, when you tune out the noise, you get to listen to what's important. Indulge in some  'Me Time' to find the Calmness and be in Positivity . Shake out the negativity.

People all over have claimed miracles of Positive Thoughts and Positive Affirmations. (There are countless videos on Youtube by -B.K.Shivani which you can check out).

In short -  Inhale  Calmness ---------Exhale stress.


Here are some ways in which you can avoid Fear and Anxiety by being mentally engaged in various pursuits.  

These include:

  1. Making Best out of Waste – By Ekta Thaker

  2. Mandala Art – By Lipika Savalkar

  3. Mental Puzzles – By  Meena D’Souza.  

  1. Making Best Out of Waste:  Ekta Thaker 

_Ekta Thaker Pic 1 - Best out of Waste.j


Zero Wastage  -- Used Bottle Caps- colored with Acrylic paint, Cardboard ( Kindle Packing)  to support caps, icecream stick as Stem. Easy to make and beautify your garden as a hanger or just decorate your pot. 

Collage of Best out of Waste           

1. Used Coconut bowl for candle light

2. Used Coconut bowl for beautifying garden as hanger

3. Used printed paper as Bookmark for Bhagvad Gita

4. Used Acrylic paint bottle as Twilight

Ekta Thaker Collage.  Pic 2 Best out of

2. Mandala Art – By Lipika Savalkar

Mandala Art: Lipika Savalkar: (Buddha Mandala)

MANDALA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Circle’.  It is a symbolic diagram used in the performance of sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation.

Mandala as an Art Form originated in the USA in 2018

It is a Meditative Art Therapy. It starts with drawing Circles and creating patterns between the Circle Rings.  No prior artistic learning is required and it can be done by Beginners.


Method:  Find the centre point of your A4 sheet.

Start with a Compass drawing the Outer Circle at 9 cm. Continue drawing smaller concentric circles of varying sizes till a 3.5 cm circle is left for the Buddha Motif

Starting from the top outer circle, the pattern is as given. You may change it according to your wish. Last is the Buddha to be drawn in the centre. You may outline it only or fill it up in Black (as I have done).

Colouring is optional and can be done with Coloured pens.

☆Enjoy this beautiful Art☆

Lipika Savalkar -Pic 4 Mandala.jpg
Lipika Savalkar Buddha Mandala Pic 3.jpg
Lipika Savalkar Pic 5 Mandala

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Collage of Mandala Art – By Lipika Savalkar

 3. Mental Puzzles – By  Meena D’Souza.  

Some activities to exercise those grey cells and keep you mentally fit: 

Just as you lift weights and do cardio, for physical fitness, you can maximize cognitive fitness with various types of exercise, says Gary Small, MD director UCLA Longevity center. Fun games like puzzles, crosswords, riddles, jigsaws, mazes, word building, logic games and more, all help improve memory, which may short out as you age.  So let’s start every week, a younger brain AND  a younger you : A suggestion this week:

  1. Changing words (Language skill):

  • Begin with WALL and change one letter at a time until you get to FIRM. Each change has to create an actual word.

  1. WALL





  2. PLAY







 3.  MILK






2. What’s Your Answer:

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