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Women - Put yourself first!

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Dr. Raksha Prabhu - Pinkathon Ambassador Pune 

I am Dr. Rakshaa Prabu, Pinkathon Ambassador of Pune. I have a PhD in Swine-flu and a Post-doctorate in Preterm delivery. Currently, I am working with Pharma R&D on New Drug Development

The Founders and team of Pinkathon always come with a unique way to explore the Womaniya world. During the lockdown of 2020, Milind Soman and team came up with the idea of the Pinkathon@Home! Newsletter. Big thanks to them for providing such a wonderful opportunity for Pinkathon Ambassadors to share their thoughts and knowledge with the community.

I began my journey with Pinkathon two years ago. While speaking to my next-door neighbors Sneha and Sandeep bazaar, I got to know about the Pinkathon Community. After understanding the concept from my mentor and Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Mithali, Sandeep, and Sharmila Munj.

I started my training locations at Marunji and Thatwade in Pune. I was new to running, especially running barefoot. Pinkathon Ambassador Sandeep Bazaar and his team’s structured program lead me to crack: Mumbai to Pune 100 miles, Lonavala 100km in 24 hrs, and barefoot 24hr podium. This boosted my confidence. I was confident that I could continue running at any stage in life and despite any health conditions. Thank you Pinkathon family for adding a new chapter of physical and mental wellness in my life.

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The Secret

Learn how to increase your oxygen level naturally!


We all know how important oxygen is in this difficult time. We've all been part of WhatsApp groups where messages of availability of oxygen have been flowing. In such times, it is important to know how we can naturally build the intake of oxygen in our body. We'd never know where such knowledge can come handy. In this video, Dr. Hansaji Yogendra gives us different ways in which we can increase our oxygen level naturally and strengthen our respiratory system.


Steal The Day: 21 Days Self-Care Checklist

A Man asked an artist "How do you make such beautiful things from stone?" He replied, "Beauty is already hidden there. I just remove the extra stone.” Anonymous

I am not sure how your day treats you today. However, I can assure you, your tomorrow will be awesome.  If you regret and cry at the beginning of the day, you won't reach anywhere. Daily cleanup and follow-up is a regular regime to boost your mind and balance your life.  So wakeup!  Set your Happy Self-Care Awareness 21 days. 

How this works and where it comes from? According to the Oxford Dictionary self-care is “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress”.

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Things to read 1

Workout to live longer, not to become skinny !

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Physical activity has significant health benefits for hearts, bodies and minds. It improves your brain health, maintains your weight, and strengthens your bones and muscles. Besides reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, physical activity enhances thinking, learning, and judgment skills. It helps in improving overall well-being and ensures healthy growth and development

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Recipe of the week : I will go with all: Sambal

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Sambal is an Indonesian chilli sauce traditionally grinned in Stone cobek and ulekan (mortar and pestle/ ओखल और मूसल). Here, I am sharing my kitchen recipe passed down to me by my Malaysian friends. This is a yummy, low calorie and spicy sauce that goes with veg, non-veg and vegan dishes.

Recipe of the week HP


My work table is missing: Gap on Resume.

This is not only the story of you and me; it’s about a social belief that a woman’s first priority is to take care of her family. Due to this pressure, a negative impact is created on our health, finances, career, and job opportunities.

It is always difficult for women who re-enter their workspaces to start afresh. But it is never late to start working again. There are many reasons why women quit their jobs.

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The Big Idea


What we eat determines a major part of our lifestyle. While it is important to have a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important to consume and eat healthy. But we often prefer to opt for instant food that is easy to prepare. This indeed helps save time. But will saving time help us in the long run? Is instantly prepared food good for our health? Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Raksha Prabhu, breaks down what this unprocessed food contains and whether it is beneficial for our health or not. Listen to the podcast to understand more about healthy eating.

Eat wisely :  Pinkathon Ambassador  Dr. Raksha Prabhu

Dr. Pranati Kumar, is a senior Gynaecologist with an MBBS and DGO degree. She is currently working in J.P Hospital and has completed her education from Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur. Dr. Pranati has 30 years of experience in her field.

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Interview with Suju George

Suju George has been a Pinkathon Ambassador since March 2017. She leads the Pinkathon location Nerul in Navi Mumbai. 
Throughout her life, she has inspired many women in her neighborhood to take up fitness as a routine activity by conducting Saturday training and organizing many Pinkathon events, including spreading 'Har Ghar Mein Pinkathon’ across her city. Even at 67, her high spirits have never been lowered. She continues to organize events in order to get her location to embrace health and fitness. With wisdom in her eyes and strength in her body, she continues to soar higher with each passing year. 

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The secret to achieving success!

Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian lifestyle coach and motivational speaker. He is known to provide simple solutions to tackle life problems by simply changing perspective and questioning the problem at hand. 

In this video he focuses on the reasons why some people achieve success while others don't. What is stopping us from moving ahead in life? Surely all of us want to be successful and achieve the impossible, but what blocks our growth? 

Gaur Gopal Das has answers to our questions. Watch this beautifully explained video to know more!

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