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Life is great…start living it!

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Pinkathon Ambassador Rupali Samant

I am privileged to be able to showcase my skills through this wonderful edition of the Pinkathon@Home! newsletter. 

First and foremost I wish to convey my gratitude to Pinkathon founder, Milind Soman. He developed this amazing initiative of the editorial. It is his incredible enterprise to start Pinkathon and today it influences many women worldwide. My name is Rupali Samant and I am proud to be the Ambassador of the wonderful Pinkathon Girgaon, Mumbai group.

I am delighted to nurture women who are dedicated to fitness and keen to lead a healthier life. Fitness and people make up half of me. The other part of me is made up of my family and my writing. These are the two things closest to my heart. While fitness and counselling help me, my main motivation to wake up every morning is my family. I am a part-time trainer and counselor and a full-time mother. Being a mother is the one role that gives me the most pride. I have impacted and moulded two beautiful children. Life with them got me addicted to writing. I write to bring a smile on people’s faces when they wake up in the morning. I write because it brings me peace, and because it helps people to understand themselves and their lives better. At the end of the day, people remember us for our values and the lives we have impacted more than our material acquisitions.

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Drink your Food, Chew your Water!


The studies confirm that chewing every mouthful of food, for longer helps you lose weight because it allows your brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is full. Therefore, the slower you chew, the lesser you eat. Besides, when you chew thoroughly, your digestive system is told of incoming food. This triggers it to produce digestive acids and help the body absorb nutrients. If you eat your food properly, you will be successful in your career, says film actor R. Madhavan. He talks about how he learned how to maintain a good body and thus a healthy life.


Exercise officially makes you happier than money.

You know that a good workout releases endorphins, giving you that happy, post-exercise good feeling. All types of exercise are found to have a link to better mental health than not exercising at all. Whether it is aerobic, weights, walking, yoga, or football, working out is important for a better self.

Scientists have found that those who exercised in groups or participated in sports with a social element fared even better and exhibited even better mental health than those who exercise alone. I have experienced and seen similar results while working out in groups. The response was amazing, each individual who participated pushed themselves, and had definitely fared better than working out alone.


Healthy and Nutty Protein Bars at home!

Nutty protien bar.png

Pink Sister from Girgaon, Mumbai, and my dear friend Lopa Somaiya shared this fantastic recipe and I thought why not share it with the entire Pinkathon Community! So that all of us can have our hands on the delicious, healthy and Nutty Protein Bars at home!

These homemade protein bars are full of energy and necessary fuel for us to do better every day. They are supplemental bars containing high-energy foods and include the goodness of cereal grains making it a protein-filled amazing bars!

This is a perfect fix for the people who require quick energy but do not have time for a meal.

Hope you all like them and try them at your home.


Hara Hachi Bu

The islands in southern Japan have historically been known for longevity. Okinawa’s one of the world’s blue zones. A few places in the world are called “Blue Zones.” The term refers to geographic areas in which people have low rates of chronic disease and live extraordinarily long and healthy lives than anywhere else.



”What is self-love?” Is it something you can obtain through a makeover or a visit to a designer store for a new outfit? Can you know more about Self love by reading self-help books? Or, can a new relationship make you love yourself more?        

Building a strong relationship with yourself takes patience and commitment. There will be moments when you feel like you’re fooling yourself. But there will also be those happy moments when you start to affectionately respond to yourself with joy.


Let me ask you a few questions to get your introspection on, How many times do you land up saying yes when you actually meant no? Do you 

break promises to yourself or give yourself a second preference over your family? Do you neglect your self-care? Is it hard to put yourself first? Now is the time to give yourself the most important gift ever: Self-love Meditation. The Self- Love Meditation podcast will guide you to feel the wonderful self-love. Get ready to nurture self-acceptance and love that we’re all born with but have lost it someplace deep inside us!

Self Love Meditation

Menopause: The age at which you experience Menopause varies for every woman. It typically starts in your late 40s or early 50s. Usually during this phase, your periods become irregular, sometimes with heavy or light flow. In the perimenopause stage (before actual menopause), your body is beginning the transition into menopause where production of hormones from your ovaries is beginning to decline. During this stage, you may experience pain and notice changes in your body, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


It is always advisable to visit your gynaecologist or physician for consultation.


Q. What are the symptoms of Menopause?


Q. How can I avoid weight gain during menopause?

Newsletter Edition V.png

Q. What are hot flashes and how can we reduce it?


Q. How can physical activity help older women?

Interview with Anju Maudgal Kadam

Gone are the days when a saree clad woman was seen as a demure housewife. The hero of this edition is my favorite: the bold, beautiful, and powerful Mrs. Anju Maudgal Kadam who is a fabulous entrepreneur and Pinkathon Ambassador from Bangalore.  
She never hesitates to speak her mind and believes that each one of us is evolving into better individuals and every person makes a difference.
Anju firmly said in the interview ”I think a life lived in grace and with respect is truly charming.!!”
Believe it or not, with so much happening in her life she makes sure that she completes her daily task of 10k steps and practices yoga on daily basis.
There is just so much to learn from her and I am sure that all of you are going to love this small interaction with Anju, Our Hero of the Pinkathon Community!


Rupali sawant interview Anju mudgal kada



Puzzle of Motivation

Motivation, what is it? Well, it frankly is the process that instigates, guides, and maintains your goal-oriented behaviors. In everyday life, the term "motivation" is frequently used to characterize why a person does something. The three key elements of motivation are intensity, direction, and persistence.

In Dan Pink's TEDGlobal Talk, The Puzzle of Motivation, he explores what motivates people and how company leaders can apply this research to their own organizations. Dan Pink is the bestselling author of five books, which have sold over two million copies worldwide. 

The talk calls for a new approach which focuses on the individual intrinsic motivations. He goes on to explain what social scientists know, but most managers do not: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think.

Watch the video below and read on for three key takeaways from his talk.


It is one of the best TED talks I have enjoyed!


The fall of Curiosity and Cognitive ability decreases with the rise in age.

The “use it or lose it” conjecture refers to the belief that cognitive function can be maintained or enhanced by exercising that function, offsetting cognitive decline in later life.

Intellectual wellness is the active participation in academic, scholastic, cultural, and community activities. It is important to maintain intellectual wellness because it expands your knowledge

and your skills. This benefits you to live a stimulating, successful life. In order to improve intellectual wellness, it is important to value creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning. The time invested into your own personal growth is completely will either do it and stand out, or not.

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