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Our Hero – Anuradha Venkatraman

Anuradha's Video - Made by Rupali GoshaliaMusic by John Sokoloff - Her Slavic Soul.

I still remember the day Anuradha Venkataramanan was awarded her Pinkathon T-shirt, along with a few others at Juhu Beach, a few years ago. I did not know her too well at that time, but as our friendship grew, I realized that this slip of a girl took her duties as an Ambassador very seriously. Every Saturday, during the Weekly free Training sessions, she would post interesting workouts for her Tilaknagar Team and would faithfully make collages of several Pinkathon groups to post in the Pinkathon Forever Page. This was really going above and beyond the call of Duty. She is one of the few Ambassadors who stays diligently out of all controversies and single-mindedly motivates her entire Tilaknagar group and at the end of each session all her Pink sisters would line up, neatly for the group photograph. She believes in working quietly and letting her success do all the talking. 

More recently, in the stillness and uncertainty brought on by the corona virus pandemic, in the beginning of the lockdown and the inevitable social distancing, motivation was at an all-time low. But this Ambassador did not let it get her down and doggedly continued posting workouts every single day, without fail. I would often post many of her interesting workouts in my SJK group and very soon all our Pink sisters were equally motivated and my Co-Ambassador, Anjali Asudani and I kept thinking of various challenges for them, following in her footsteps. It was therefore inevitable that we would choose this young woman as our Hero for the Pinkathon at Home Newsletter. 

So here is my SJK Ambassador, Anjali Asudani, interviewing her for our Newsletter: 


Q 1. Anuradha, you have been a constant source of inspiration for our SJK group. How long have you been a Pinkathon Ambassador? 

Ans: I have been a Pinkathon Ambassador for Tilaknagar, Mumbai since December 2016. I can’t believe it is already 4 years since I was made an ambassador. Seems just like yesterday when my friend, Priyanka Nambissan and I were awarded the much-coveted T-shirt, by Milind Soman at Juhu Beach – a matter of great pride for us and we are trying our best to be worthy of this honour. As our mentor Ajit Pathak always says, “Ambassador T-shirts can’t be bought. They have to be earned.” 


Q. 2. And you have done a really good job of it, Anuradha. Our SJK Pink Sisters have always been inspired by your consistence and the variety of your workouts. So how many Saturday training sessions have you conducted, so far? 

Ans: So far I have conducted 150 Saturday sessions till March 2020. I have tried not to miss a single session. 


Q. 3. What about the period after the lockdown. Were you able to continue the training sessions? It must have been hard to motivate all your Pink sisters and to remain motivated yourself. 

Ans: In fact we have been very regular after the Lockdown. I get bored easily. So to keep myself motivated, I keep learning and exploring new activities. Challenging myself everyday and trying to motivate others is my key to moving forward. As an influencer, I realized that change doesn’t come in a single day. You need to keep hitting daily. You need to be able to influence others in your team as well. That is the reason for me to post my daily workouts. And I plan to continue these virtual sessions till the lockdown gets over. (We will be completing a 100 virtual sessions by the end of June 2020). 


Q. 4. Tell us something about your virtual sessions during Covid times: 

Ans: Initially for a month I used to post only my activities and those of my Co-Ambassador, Cocky (Corina Van Dam), who incidentally is another very inspiring lady and a real asset to our group. She recently did the Iron Man 70.3 at Goa, on 20th October, 2019, (which includes a gruelling 13.1 mile Run, a 1.2 mile Swim and a 56 mile bike ride) and she stood 2rd in her age category, which was a matter of great pride for all of us… Later I started involving my group Pink sisters and asked them to also contribute for daily activities and post them in the group. Our latest endeavour is to encourage other Pinkathon locations to be part of our sessions (for example Tilaknagar Pinkathon meets Chembur Pinkathon Group) and I am happy to say that more than 14 combined sessions with other PA groups are over. 


Q. 5. That is a wonderful initiative Anu. What types of workouts do you incorporate in your sessions? 

Ans: Our daily activities include all types of workouts like HIIT, Body weight training, weight training, Indoor runs, Yoga, Zumba. Some interesting workouts which encourage kids also to participate like Hopscotch session, Partner workouts, Circuit training have been a great hit with the children who eagerly participate in all our activities. Catch them young is my motto. Our group ladies post their videos as well as their trackers in the group daily and it is always flooded with all their activities. 


Q 6. I am sure that is very motivating for all of them. We have also seen several pics of you doing various rather complicated Yoga Asanas.


Ans: Yes, along with the daily session, I post a challenging pose or workout as homework for the group. They follow and post their video as well as pic for the same. The only disadvantage I faced is that many non-active pinkies left the group because it is always exploding with videos and pics. 


Q. 7. We have posted many of these Yoga Asanas in our SJK group too. We have made a collection of some of these poses and followed them as well. In fact, we are now dedicating a video to you, featuring some of your Yoga asanas as well as many of our Pink sisters doing the Goddess pose and following in your footsteps. You are indeed a Hero for all of them. Thank you so much and would you like to give a last motivational message, before we end this very inspiring interview? 

Ans: That is so kind of you. I am indeed overwhelmed, and I am so happy that our activities have inspired your entire group. My message to everyone is: “The more you go with the flow of life and surrender, the less you seek clarity.” Thank you so much.

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