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Our Hero 

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1.  Tell us a little about yourself!

I am Kranti Salvi from India. I am a Pinkathon Ambassador for location, Girgaon, Mumbai. A homemaker, a wife, a mother, Director of Alfa group of companies, and a running ambassador for women, especially from India where women need to be aware of the importance of their physical fitness for the wellbeing of their family and themselves.


2. How did you get started running?

It was in 2011 my son joined athletics coaching at a nearby track. I accompanied him for his sessions. Parents weren’t allowed on the tracks, so I took a walk around the park around the tracks. Yet, my eyes were all on the tracks that reminded me about my school days where we ran the races 400m and 800m.

So, I randomly asked the coach if I can join the training, too. I saw some high school girls training on the tracks. The coach said it is only for athletes and not for parents. I said I am an athlete, at least I was before! He asked me to run one lap and that was it! I could join the training. I joined in immediately 


3. Why do you like running so much?

Running has transformed my life!! So, I owe so much to the running Goddess. Initially, when I joined the training, I convinced my husband that it was for my son, whom I could monitor or supervise during his sessions. And it was just going together for the same session.

So, I did not have to spend some extra time of the day just for myself. In those days, spending time for self wasn’t the norm for me…it used to give me the feeling of guilt if I did anything for myself but while training, I realized that, at the end of every session I experienced a great feeling about myself the endorphins powered me up for the rest of the day to take care of the remaining work at home. This regular training went on... and I happened to win all the races that I participated in. So, there was no looking back. the bar kept on rising higher and higher... I began with a 5k race, I have reached to a comrade’s marathon distance of 89km.


4. Who or What inspires you?


I take inspiration from everything and everybody around me...many posts on the running groups inspire me...even at my home my entire family are sports enthusiasts and fitness freaks, so we draw inspiration from each other.


5. Do you have a favorite workout – running or otherwise?

Yes, I love the boot camps and circuit workouts more than running. On the tracks, my athletics group enjoys the variety of bodyweight exercises and the circuit including the box jumps, medicine ball, weights, and hurdles. It helps in building up overall strength as a runner. Making the training and hence the running joyful. During the lockdown, I enjoyed the bodyweight circuit sessions.



6. What are you most proud of in your running career or life?

My identity as a runner itself makes me feel proud! The respect and honor I’ve received from the achievements give me a sense of pride.  The Guinness World Record for the Fastest Marathon Runner in a Saree title makes me proud! But the proudest thing for me would be my journey of running itself can inspire women in various parts of India to take up running to improve/ transform their lives.


7.  What was your exercise routine in the lockdown?

I enjoy any exercise if I get to do them. During the Lockdown, when we were limited to home-based workouts, I enjoyed many new ways of exercise.

We have our ‘body’ so; the bodyweight circuit training became my favorite these days.


8. What is your message to our women readers?

It is time we need to change our lifestyle for the best. In the era of automation closer to the technological singularity, the majority of ‘brute force’ jobs are instantly done with astounding precision. This gives rise to a lethargic lifestyle due to us being dependent on that technology. We must utilize our bodies to remain functionally fit like our ancestors and enjoy life.

A woman is a source of all energies that lead the world to wherever it is going. Be the change you want to see around you. Pinkathon has given us the platform to focus on our holistic fitness especially during the Covid-19 situation. Do focus on those aspects of life and make it a better one!

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