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Our Hero 

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Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Mahesh Katkar, Vaduj

What do Doctors do when they are not seeing their patients? They start running and not only that they also empower women of the cities to come ahead and run for their health. Here is the inspiring story of Pinkathon Ambassador Dr. Mahesh Katkar from Vadju 😊



Vaduj runners have been running regularly since the last 3-4 years. At that time a friend of mine Mr. Ajay Khuspe  & Dr. Chandrashekhar Nangare (Pinkathon co-ambassador) told me about Pinkathon Ambassador Vidya Sagare D'Souza ma’am & her association with Pinkathon. 

As I knew very little about Pinkathon & Milind Soman sir through news & social media platforms. But real help & guidance received from Pinkathon Ambassador Vidya ma’am & Mr. Prashant helped us in registering our Vaduj city for Pinkathon Day 2nd edition & promised all to conduct the event which was executed successfully.



Vaduj is a small town and it was difficult to encourage the women here to participate in a running event. So we decided to start with our family members first. In our Vaduj Runners Foundation group (VRF) most of us are doctors. When other women from the town see them running they automatically feel confident & start joining us. Within 15 days our group swelled to 50-60 members as kids also joined with pink sisters.  Initially they got different problems due to running so we gave them one weekly program of run & stretching. Also invited different runners to give lectures that also helped to bind us as a group.  Once our regular activities began I invited Pinkathon ambassador Vidya D’souza ma’am to give us detailed information about how  Pinkathon she came and guided our members. At that time we were around 100+ runners. Everyone gets poised & enthusiastic about the Pinkathon Day event. All were excited about the event & when actual registrations started within 15 days we crossed 250 registrations.


​How did you spread the Message of “HAR GHAR MEIN PINKATHON”?


Pinkathon is all about coming together, having fun, making a lot of friends from society, sharing information, getting fit, relaxing from stress, & above all to enjoy this entire process.

I will thank Milind Soman sir for this noble cause we all are with you to spread the message you want. With the help of Vaduj runners foundation & Maitri badminton group Vaduj we are successfully making Pinkathon a grand event in town . We are planning to add more & more women in the group. This year along with Vaduj we spread the word of pinkathon to Koregaon(Lead -Devkar Sir), Mayani (Dr. Vikas Deshmukh), Dahiwadi (Dr Suhas) and we further plan to expand the movement to nearby locations every year. 

At last I am very thankful to Pinkathon Ambassador Vidya Sagare ma’am & Prashant Sir & all Pinkathon family 🙏




As I am a Doctor and along with a group of doctors we do short runs daily. One every Sunday we hold free training for women in the Vaduj City and we pace them to help them in running.



As we started slow and steady, by walking the talk we were able to spread the message of Women Empowerment. I would like to give this message to those more empowered to come forward and help the less empowered women to start their health journey. I aspire to inspire like our Chief Mentor Milind Soman is doing😊

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