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Our Hero - Suju George

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Touching stars and reaching finishing lines at 67!

Suju George has been a Pinkathon Ambassador since March 2017. She leads the Pinkathon location Nerul in Navi Mumbai. Throughout her life, she has inspired many women in her neighborhood to take up fitness as a routine activity by conducting Saturday training and organizing many Pinkathon events, including spreading 'Har Ghar Mein Pinkathon’ across her city. Even at 67, her high spirits have never been lowered. She continues to organize events in order to get her location to embrace health and fitness. With wisdom in her eyes and strength in her body, she continues to soar higher with each passing year. 

How do you see yourself at 67?

67 years is a pretty long period. Seven decades of living on this planet; with streaks of grey hair here and there which I no longer hide. Life wisdom has become an asset, accumulating it as the years roll forward. I like to see myself as an explorer, exploring the possibilities to keep my daily life vibrant and useful.

My educational degrees include PhD in Physics and M.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai and IIT Chennai. I’ve spent 35 yrs in University, Premiere National Institutes, Private Industry and self-owned firms. In the Academic/Research/ Consultancy/ Tech industry, I held positions as Assistant Profesor, Deputy Director, Head/ Manager/ Director/ MD. I’ve also guided PhDs, published research papers, led and participated in projects from World Bank, Government of India, Development Authorities, and public-private industries,

During my thirty-five years in science, life was a training period to look at every activity only based on data and logic. An outlook that got acquired to look at health and fitness too. Let this be Hatha Yoga as a tool to transform one’s mental and emotional well-being; the question of how to be socially connected at 60+; or how to motivate and empower other women.


How did you get associated with Pinkathon?


Running races and long jumps were my medal-winning sports in school. But later in college, higher studies, and during professional career years, sports activities were kept at bay. Nevertheless whether at childhood or later stages, walking continued; although randomly and not as a focused fitness activity. During my initial professional period, for about fifteen years, I was always on beautiful campuses with residential facilities and had consciously decided to never own a vehicle. Hence a minimum of a five-kilometer walk was a part of my everyday routine all 7 days of the week.


Pinkathon has been a contributor to taking my fitness to a different higher level. It has been an initiator in getting me back to running, a new fitness routine at 63, after 45 years of those 100/200 meters running races during school’s annual sports. Pinkathon is all about self-belief. It magically instills into hundreds of women the same will that pushed me too into taking those first steps of 2 km...and then within a year to becoming a finisher at Spirit of Pinkathon Mumbai2Pune17(165kms) and Spirit of Pinkathon Silvassa2Mumbai18(180kms), and those several other 6 hrs runs, 12 hrs Hill run, Mumbai ultra and so on...


Pinkathon also holds the story to my self-empowerment, leadership, and connection. It taught me to motivate educated or non-educated, skilled or unskilled, 20-year-old or 78-year-old women. It let me guide women of astonishing enthusiasm and self-determination. I am a proud Pinkathon Ambassador, leading and mentoring three groups of my neighborhood women for the last three years.

What is your take on fitness in daily life for the young and old alike?

Many look at me and ask why am I running at this age. Sometimes, I stop to chat with them and say: I not only run but also do classical yoga, organic farming at my farm, as well as follow my academic pursuits, entrepreneurial instincts, and other interests too. The mantra is simple: “live life with full LIVINGNESS.” Explore the possibilities of accelerating your vitality against the increase of age. Science of Aging and Science of Health both support with data and evidence that irrespective of what your chronological age is, your biological age can be less even up to twenty years. Vibrancy and Vitality are only about biological age.

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