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Pinkathon takes a new step!

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Hello people !!

This is the first edition of the Pinkathon newsletter! It brings Pinkathon home. Especially at this time, where we cannot physically meet, and we don’t know when we will have the next Pinkathon on the ground, this effort, apart from social media, will hopefully help us to stay connected. It’s a small start, but I look forward to your response and suggestions on how we can make this publication bring more value to our lives. This might especially be a good way to reach out to our community in cities across India and abroad whom we have never met, but who are so close to us all!

In this edition we have included pieces of text, video, and audio, as well as some content curated and aggregated from the internet, to give you an idea of what is possible in future editions. We are hoping to have guest editors for subsequent editions and are looking for contributors from the community. Looking forward to your ideas. So there is a lot of craziness in the air right now. Millions of people in self-isolation at home, uncertainty about the future, whether the virus COVID-19 will be contained by our efforts to break the chain of transmission, what will happen to the economy, jobs, small businesses. Nobody knows exactly what will happen, except that this time will pass. There have been pandemics in the past. There have been economic recessions. Our societies have survived. And flourished again. But one thing we must remember, however long it takes for containment, or for a vaccine to be developed, it is finally a strong immune system that will protect us from the worst of it.

This time, and in the future. If our immune system functions well, then it learns how to deal with microorganisms that can cause disease. The immune system does not function in isolation. It is dependent on overall body function. And as the mind is part of the body, on mind function as well. An active lifestyle, exercises that ensure good blood circulation to every cell in your body, especially where there is weakness, whole food that the digestive system can deal with comfortably, thought process that creates positivity, good sleep at night, these are things that help to develop and maintain a strong immune system that can successfully ward off any danger from the trillions of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms with whom we share our bodies and our planet.

Pinkathon has always been about living a better life, with better mental and physical health, which ensures that, eventually, we are better prepared to deal with every conceivable situation. This period of lockdown can help to get our families to learn what we have learnt. Involve them. Involve all the women around you, who said they had no time. Now they do. Let’s put that time to good use. Wishing you all happiness and positivity.

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