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Restart your Corporate Career!


Hey all you girls in their 40s!!! So many of you now get more time to think about the career you left behind due to your kids being young and taking care of your families. Here is a short article to inspire you to restart  your career back😊

Women take a pause in their career for many reasons. Marriage, child, study sabbaticals would probably stand out to be top reasons cited for a career break. When a woman wishes to resume her career she is ridden with many questions like part time or full time employment, home-work life balance or simply on commitment.  Women at times anticipate they would not get back to the same career level as they were previously in and join back at lower packages as well as lower designations. Due to these hiring disadvantages women taking a career break tend to fall behind in salaries as well as professional growth.

So what are the things to focus on when a woman wants to restart a career?  Actually a break can be advantageous to a woman. It can help her reassess her areas of interest. A banker yesterday can become a lawyer today. 

A Chartered Accountant can become a freelance photographer tomorrow. It gives the woman opportunities to change over to a new industry too. A wise thing would also be to learn something new. Enrol for the language class which you wanted to do all these years. Enrol for that fitness certification if you are  keen on having a career in health and fitness. Volunteer with a shelter if animal health-care business is on your mind.

Recruiters today are looking for fresh ideas and fresh faces with experience from diverse industries. It is upto you to have the conviction in your abilities. 

Be self-motivated and committed because it’s never too late! 

Pink Sister Anu Som, Powai

Restart your Corporate Career!

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