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Street Smart :

Pandit Rathod is a known name in the Indian real estate space with the Mahaland Properties and a range of diverse startups in the Auto sector. His Business acumen over the years has led to a range of impressive startups in diverse industries. His Auto-Tech start-up Street Smart formed during lockdown is the latest in a series of ventures.

Street Smart is a unique tech venture which digitally connects automobile after-sales services and brings it within the fingertips of the end-customers.

The platform will bring under its fold Authorised dealers, Garage Owners and End-consumers to be the complete ecosystem for after-sales services across the country. The vehicle owners, the Transportation companies as well as cab owners are set to form the bulk of the end-customers and an app by the name of Street Smart is set to be launched on 15th August 2020.

With Street Smart, the expertise of Pandit Rathod in the real estate sector, Suniel Shetty's star power, and Amit Bhagwan Wadhwani of SAI's marketing skills would come together to put the foundation of a world-class brand.

A Webinar will be hosted by Siddharth Kannan on Monday, 13th July at 4.30 PM to explain the nitty gritty's of this amazing app for the first time!!

The registration closes at 3.00 PM on Monday 13th July 2020 

To register click on the link given below:

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