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The Big Idea



We’ve heard of climate change, global warming, melting glaciers, and many other environmental and climate problems. But have we ever done something on our part to protect the environment?

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future of the generations to come. If we practice sustainability today, we leave a cleaner, greener, and better world for our children, grandchildren, and their children.

What can one person do to contribute to the environment?

Don’t underestimate the power of individual small steps. Small things do matter. Here are a few things all of us can begin to practice and do our bit.

Avoid Disposable Items: Say no to plastic. Carry and use cloth bags instead of getting plastic or paper bags at the store. Imagine the number of bags that will not end of up in waste if we didn't throw plastic bags each day. Let’s pledge to stay plastic-free. While grocery shopping, or whenever buying anything, always carry a cloth bag. Pay an extra rupee for a cloth bag but refrain from using a plastic bag. In addition, avoid thermocol, cardboard, and any item that falls in the ‘single-use’ category.

  1.  Limit the use of private vehicles:  At least once or twice in a week, ditch your vehicle and take a walk or cycle to your office or any destination, if possible. Try pooling your vehicle with friends or neighbours who are headed in the same direction. Use public transport wherever available. It's in each of our hands to individually contribute towards bringing the pollution levels down.

  2.  Buy and shop smartly: We are all heading towards fast fashion every day. The new fashion trend of ‘use and throw’ clothes leads to adverse effects on the environment. The pollution caused while manufacturing, and the surging garbage fills from the packaging all count. When you shop, ask yourself whether you really need it, or are you buying it because you just like it. Get your hands on thrifts, and gently used items instead of buying brand new. Thrifting and reselling of items is a growing market today, and you can find many brands invested in this market.

  3. Beautify yourself with home-made products:  Make Your Own Cosmetics from simple ingredients from your kitchen. How about turmeric or an aloe-vera face mask?  Easy to make, easy to apply, and amazing results. Make your own bathing powder from green gram and orange peels; your own lip colour from rose petals... Be creative and experiment. And don’t worry you are not alone. Check out some amazing and easy DIY (Do It Yourself) beauty products at home videos on YouTube for more ideas.

  4. Dispose of wisely: Do not cut open milk packets. It ends up in water bodies harming marine life. Separate your dry and wet waste so that they are properly decomposed. Compost your wet waste. You can feed your plants with compost too for healthy growth. Pledge to never litter—neither on roads nor in water. In case you don’t find a dustbin, keep the wrapping, packaging, peel, anything with you until you find one. Encourage your children to practice the same. They learn what we teach them.


As each of us contributes to our planet's health, we are sure to heal the world and make it a better place for generations to come. ❤


Watch this video for more information:

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