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This article has been written by our SJK Pink Sister, Ujjwala Gole, who is a Life Coach and constantly posts many inspiring messages and motivational quotes on Instagram and in our SJK group. 

So what exactly is Spiritual Health?   It can be defined as the relation or connection of Humans with Self, Others, Nature and God. 

Spirituality is derived from two different words: Spiritus is a Latin word meaning breath, courage, vigour or soul. Another word spirare means to breathe.

Spiritual health has four different dimensions :

  1. Self: Personal

  2. Others: Social

  3. Nature: Environmental

  4. God: Transcendental

Why Spirituality?

Spirituality helps us to know the reason behind our birth and gives our life a purpose. It helps us to strike a balance between our Brain, Mind and Body. It is very important as it controls our Mental and Physical wellbeing. It also helps us to cope up with our stress, heal our pain and to some extent cure our illness.

Practicing a healthy Spiritual life helps us to find inner peace and comfort even in our most difficult times.

Steps to take care of our Spiritual Health:

1.Self: Personal. Selfcare is the first key to a healthy Spiritual life. Find out your purpose in life and the things you value most. Do the things that give you strength and inner peace like Yoga and Pranayama. Focus on yourself and analyze your thoughts (Dhyana). WEED OUT all negativity and FEED IN all positive thoughts. Create a positive self-image.

2. Others: Social.  Connect with like-minded people. People who have similar dreams and goals as yours. Create a healthy relationship with your family and friends. Remember all human beings are equal and most love to live their life in peace and harmony. Try to understand people and be kind.  Help people whenever and wherever possible.


3. Nature: Environmental. RE-Fuse, RE-Use, RE-Duce, RE-Cycle. RE-plenish. Take time for our mother nature. Go for a walk, jog, run, trek, or go on a nature trail. Plant more trees. Preserve and protect our natural environment. Use ecofriendly products and services. Conserve your energy and all-natural resources such as water, fuel etc. Go Green. Eat natural food such as fruits and vegetables.


4. God: Transcendental.  God’s plan is always bigger than ours. So, trust Him and have faith in Him. The moment you surrender yourself to God or Almighty all your problems and difficulties will soon vanish. Always see the BIG picture and try to understand things in depth. Turn your attention from outwards to inwards. Search for the meaning in life by understanding yourself and your purpose in Life.


Wishing all the readers a very Healthy and Happy Spiritual life.

Ujjwala Gole – Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

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