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The Big Idea 


‘FAD DIETS’ are meant to be fad.

In these times of the pandemic it is important for all of us to understand what DIET really means and not to fall for any fad diets as it may lead to compromised immunity, the biggest risk to take. In Dietetics the word ‘Diet’ means eating a variety of foods that gives you all the nutrients needed to maintain good health, feel good and have optimum energy levels. These nutrients include three major nutrients, Carbohydrates, fats and proteins, also known as Macronutrients and some vitamins and minerals known as Micronutrients and the universal solvent ‘water’ which makes up to 70% of the human body.


A good blend of all nutrients will ensure good health and good immunity. The basic rule to be followed is to have rainbow in your plate, i.e., try to include as many colors as possible by means of including wide variety of food. Ditch the packaged food and give preference to home – cooked food over ordered food. Do not fall for fad diets with fancy names, like the changing fashion they change every season. Fad diets are called ‘FAD DIETS for the same reason. They cannot be followed for long in your lives as they are not designed to be sustainable or to contribute to better health. God has made all of us unique and so each one has different nutrient requirements depending upon various factors right from genetic makeup, food habits, day to day habits, profession, and environmental interaction. A Healthy diet is not one-size fits all. It is best to evaluate yourself and your requirements by listening to your body. Having a fair idea of what is good and what is bad for you and keeping yourself informed of basics of dietetics and you are good to go.


Eating healthy does not only include ingesting the right food and the right nutrients it also means that your body should be able to extract all that is required from the ingested food. For this you need to take care of many other factors in addition to planning a wholesome meal. Cook and eat in a good mood, the brain controls the whole body and how it reacts so if you eat in a hurry or in a bad mood no matter how wholesome your meal is it will not get digested and absorbed optimally for the benefit of the body.


Some suggestions to elevate the mood during meals is to feel the taste of food, put soft relaxing music, do not watch TV instead of bond with a loved one over food, sit in a comfortable position, start your meal with salads and end it with your favourite food.

Keeping all this in mind, read up the tips below to improve health and weight, as that excess storage in the body will do more harm than good.

Pile up on fiber – include a variety of fruits and vegetables

Ditch the added sugar and added salt

Avoid processed and packaged food.

Do not exclude all fats after all it is one of the macronutrients. Choose the healthy cold pressed sources over refined oil.

Pay attention to protein intake – it is an important nutrient as it contributes to repair and formation of hormones both of which are necessary for good health

Do not drink your calories – Eat that fruit rather than juicing it and avoid the packaged drinks.

Water is the lifeline of the body. Do not deprive the body of the most important nutrient.

In the shortage of water other nutrients will just go waste.

Limit the intake of stimulants including tea and coffee.

Lastly, Chew the food properly to aid good digestion.

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