The Big Idea!


Hara Hachi Bu: Stop Eating When You’re 80% Full.

The islands in southern Japan have historically been known for longevity. Okinawa’s one of the world’s blue zones. A few places in the world are called “Blue Zones.” The term refers to geographic areas in which people have low rates of chronic disease and live extraordinarily long and healthy lives than anywhere else. Okinawan’s women live longer than any women on the planet.


Hara Hachi Bu: Stop Eating When You’re 80% Full. This cultural practice of calorie restriction and mindful eating is the main reason Okinawans have a higher percentage of centenarians than anywhere else in the world. The secret to eating in moderation, in the long run, is embracing the environment and habits of the Okinawan people.


How to Put Hara Hachi Bu into Practice: Simple changes in everyday eating habits can help put the secret of Hara Hachi bu into practice for improved health or for weight loss.

You can make changes to your eating habits or environment, enjoy food, and learn to eat only until you’re 80 percent full. Eat more

slowly. Eating faster results in eating more. Slow down to allow your body to respond to cues, which tell us we are no longer hungry. Focus on food. Turn off the TV and the computer. If you’re going to eat, just eat. You’ll eat more slowly, consume less and savor the food more.

Use small vessels. Choose to eat on smaller plates and use tall, narrow glasses. You are likely to eat significantly less without even thinking about it.


Perhaps their greatest secret is a strong dedication to friends and family. They maintain a powerful social network called a ‘Moai’ a lifelong circle of friends that supports people well into old age. Okinawans also have a strong sense of purpose in life, a driving force that the Japanese call ikigai.