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The Big Idea


The New Normal

Hi Dear Pinkies,


So most of you 45 plus got vaccinated and now you girls below 45 still waiting for your vaccination slot?  Studies and  experience from few tells us vaccination does not give you full immunity and you could still get affected.  Here are the guidelines how to stay safe till get jabbed😊 

Let us pledge today that we will win this war against Covid . 

Here is our guide to overcome Covid-19 together . Let all of us and our family and loved ones follow these simple, easy to remember, 20 points in our day to day lives starting now. 


1. Wear N-95 mask while going out *OR* 

Wear double masks with one of them being the blue surgical mask 

2. No handshake, only namaskar

3. Wash your hands, legs and face after coming back home

4. Don't touch surfaces or even your face unnecessarily .

5. Maintain  social distancing while out 

6. Avoid going out until absolutely necessary...Stay home, stay safe. 

7. Avoid public places. 

8. Get yourself and every family member vaccinated following government protocol 

9. Even if alone in the elevator or in your own car, wear a mask at all times .

10. Without fail, use sanitizer whenever needed.

11. Be kind to Covid patients. Be kind to street animals who aren’t getting food during lockdown. 

12. Keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy.

13. Abstain from negativity and false social media.

14. *Do pranayam, all sorts of kriyas, yoga and  meditation on daily basis*. Keep yourself fit and healthy, mentally and physically . 

15. Sanitise delivery packages from outside and clean all food articles before consuming 

16. Most importantly  teach all above mentioned points to your children

17. Don't compromise on your sleep

18. Talk to family and friends with whom you have lost touch . Bring a smile to their faces virtually . 

19. Be sensitive to forwarded messages before sharing them 

20) *Be happy,Be safe* 🥰


Let’s all come together and pray for a better tomorrow for each of us and all of us. 

Pinkathon , Together we will do more😊

- Pink Sisters of Powai, Kanjur, Vikroli and Chandiwali

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