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The Big Idea!

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The world and the entire humanity are going crazy with this pandemic - COVID-19. Life for everyone has taken a 360-degree turn. Nothing is normal. Everyone is asked to stay home and work from home. With the men and kids at home and no house help, the most affected are the women of the family. And, moreover, women who are professionals and homemakers both, are dealing with the maximum brunt.  They are supposed to do their office work from home, do all the housework, look after all the family members and much more. Some are blessed to get the help of the family some are not. Some do it happily and some get quite irritable about it. So, let us talk about how WE WOMEN WHO ARE THE SUNS OF THE FAMILY CAN BRING ABOUT THEIR OWN REVOLUTION AND SPREAD HAPPINESS AND JOY IN THE FAMILY in such a situation.

Bringing about such a revolution in everyday life is not very difficult. For example, it is in the way you behave with your children and your husband. Maybe you used to be irritable around them, but not anymore. Now you have a SMILE on your face when you interact with them. You have become more CONSIDERATE towards them and you LISTEN to your children and their problems. All of these are manifestations of your human revolution.

HAPPINESS, too, exists and is achievable.  For instance, it can come from creating good relationships with those in your family, in your neighborhood or at your workplace. Being sincerely GRATEFUL for everything and everyone in your life and feeling FORTUNATE – that is the key to HAPPINESS.


Our parents, partners, siblings, and children are all part of the environment in which we find ourselves, and we are bound to them through KARMIC ties. We cannot escape from our reality.

What are we to do then? It is vital to learn to ACCEPT and EMBRACE life, with an open heart. Instead of blaming our problems in a relationship on others, we can decide to bring about positive changes in ourselves. For example, if a mother carries follows acceptance, her children may begin to think that she is the best mother, then their whole attitude towards her will change and they will treat her with greater kindness. The same is true of our relationships with our partners.


Whether our home and family relationships move in the direction of HARMONY or end up more strained and unpleasant, all depends on our INNER DETERMINATION.

Polish your character and cultivate a big, kind heart to warmly EMBRACE your family, a STRONG INVINCIBLE SPIRIT, and RICH WISDOM. Bringing flowers of happiness to bloom in your families will become a powerful force for advancing positively in your life.

Let us become strong so we are not defeated by any adversity. Revolution starts from reflecting on ourselves, transforming our outlook and taking the first step towards change. And this change has already begun by being a part of the Pinkathon community. By being a part of this very positive health revolution, you have already started working towards a fresh mind and a new healthy body. It has shown you the way to do something for yourself as an individual, for your happiness for your strength. Do anything – take up any form of physical fitness, start with your long-forgotten hobbies, take up anything that makes you happy but do something for yourself. Become that woman of power whom people look up to. You have played all the characters of the drama called life very beautifully by being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, friend etc. Now play the role of a very happy, confident and a powerful woman who while doing a lot of multi-tasking can also keep herself happy and have a healthy mind.

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