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Benefits of Lettuce

"A bowl of salad a day keeps the toxins away" We all are familiar with the health benefits of salads and it's highly recommended to include them in daily diet especially in these times of pandemic as they are loaded with immunity enhancing vitamins & minerals.

Lettuce takes a special place when it comes to immunity due to its anti-inflammatory quality. Inflammation is the beginning of any disease in the body and any food item which takes care of it contributes to the overall ability of the body to fight any infection. Lettuce is also known as Brain food due to its neuroprotective abilities which helps improve memory and cognitive function. It can be helpful to combat stress in these stressful times due to the presence of lactucarium with relaxing properties. Other benefits of lettuce in the diet include its cholesterol-lowering properties good for heart health, its low glycemic index good for maintaining blood sugar levels. To know more check out my video on the benefits of Lettuce.

Watch the Video here : 

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