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Exercise officially makes you happier than money.

You know that a good workout releases endorphins, giving you that happy, post-exercise good feeling. All types of exercise are found to have a link to better mental health than not exercising at all. Whether it is aerobic, weights, walking, yoga, or football, working out is important for a better self.


Scientists have found that those who exercised in groups or participated in sports with a social element fared even better and exhibited even better mental health than those who exercise alone. I have experienced and seen similar results while working out in groups. The response was amazing, each individual who participated pushed themselves, and had definitely fared better than working out alone.
The research carried out by Yale and Oxford universities explained how exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.

The researchers surveyed over 1.2 million US adults asking how many times did they feel sad, stressed or had experienced other emotional problems in the past 30 days. They also asked them about their income and physical activities.
The results showed that people who stay active are usually happier. For example, people who don’t exercise feel bad for 53 days a year, on average, while those who do exercise only feel bad for 35 days a year.
The study also found that physically active people are as happy as people that earn around $25,000 more per year but don’t exercise often.

It's evident that exercising has both physical and mental health benefits but, what if it proved to be more critical to your happiness than money?

To know more about this research click on the link attached below and get to know more about how Exercise can make you happier than money?

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