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A Healthy Gut leads to a Healthy Lifestyle!

The human body harbor’s 10 times microbial cells as human cells called as the human microbiome. As researchers unravel the various roles of the human microbiome in overall health and immunity and in our behaviour and responses, the medical community has started counting it as an organ and has started looking into how it affects various aspects of well-being.


The gut is the centre of microbial activity in the human body and maintaining good gut health depends largely on the type of microbiome it harbours. From the time you are born, your experiences, like whether you were delivered via C- section and whether you were breastfed, your lifestyle choices as what you eat and who you come in contact determine the shape and form of your gut microbiome and this in turn shapes your gut health and who you are and what are your immunity levels.


Microbial cells present in the gut perform many important functions in the body including helping in digestion, production of certain vitamins, and necessary enzymes. How the body reacts to different activities and even to medication is determined by the gut microbiome.


As we understand the importance of the gut microbiome in gut health, we also understand that we need to maintain them in good form. If we follow the general principles of a good diet, exercise, and proper rest and recovery, we ensure the health of this microbiome.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle what else can be done to protect the gut microbiome and to use it to the best of our advantage? The biggest threat to this beneficial microbiome is the over the counter medication and unnecessary use of antibiotics. Avoid any such medication as it causes invisible harm which shows up when least expected. Include natural probiotics on which the microbiome thrives. The Indian cuisine has always given due importance to the natural probiotics like curd and pickles. Include them in the daily diet and see the difference in the energy and immunity levels. With the understanding of the importance of gut health, you will like to read up the attached link to know all about gut health. 

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