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Varsha Bidasaria | Pinkathon Ambassador Indore

Hello everyone!!!


Pinkathon-at-home is another great and innovative initiative by Pinkathon and Milind Soman. I have been associated with Pinkathon for two and a half years now and Pinkathon has always opened new opportunities for me. I was always a physical fitness person but before Pinkathon I did not know anything about the minute nuances of any form of physical fitness. Pinkathon has given me a wide dimension of all the aspects of physical and mental health that are inter-related.

Pinkathon at home has taken an initiative to take every aspect of fitness to every household through social media since we are all under lockdown because of the current pandemic. We might not be able to exercise physically outside our homes but with ideas from Pinkathon-at-home, we can workout mentally and physically in the comforts of our own homes.

In this edition of Pinkathon at home, I have tried to keep all the focus on the benefits of “SUNLIGHT ON PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH”. I have called this edition “THE DEEVA EDITION” (Deeva means the first rays of the sun) or the “SUNLIT EDITION”.  Let me start with a beautiful poem by Lenore Hetrick



Great, glorious, golden sun,

Shine down on me today!

You are the life of all this earth,

You and your magic ray.


You are the life of bird and plant,

All must depend on you.

Shine down, great sun, the whole day long!

Shine from the heaven’s blue.


And I will welcome your golden rays,

For you mean life to me,

And you mean happiness and health,

Strength and energy.


Shine down, great sun, on flower and field,

And never say goodbye.

Forever and ever give us your light

From out the wide, blue sky.


The benefits of sunlight are immense. Starting the theme of my edition with Surya Namaskar I have dedicated one entire section to the various asanas, the mantras, the postures, and the benefits of doing Surya Namaskar. Taking in the first rays of the sun and doing Surya Namaskar facing the sun towards your east gives your body and mind immense benefits. The most attractive being weight loss, followed by bone health, improving your mood, improving your sleep cycle, boosting your immunity, reduces cancer risk, and many more which you will read on further.

Sunlight has a huge impact on your mind. 15-20 minutes in the sun everyday can increase serotonin levels in your mind which refreshes your mood and makes your mind positive. We women who are the “suns of the family” can do our own human revolution by taking in this positivity and creating joy and happiness in our family. Our relationship with everyone will become joyful and positive. Our mental health is in our own hands. To remain irritable or negative or live our life with positivity and happiness is for us to decide. The big idea section of this editorial is dedicated to us women and how we can take our life towards positivity.

At this time of pandemic when we are all under lockdown, the children of the house are severely affected. They have no schools, no sports, no recreation. Parents need to be super creative to keep them busy and find something new for them to do every day. The video of the week gives us a few ideas on how to keep kids busy in your garden with a few outdoor activities.

The Now Trending section gives you a brief idea as to how people of all ages are struggling with their mental health and how we as family and friends can take them out of depression by applying very simple formulas in our day to day life.

The first Pinkathon ambassador, our very own SHARMILA is our hero for this editorial and she will tell us all about her Pinkathon journey, how she got into fitness, how she came to be a part of Pinakthon and mostly how she has been able to encourage so many women to become ambassadors and take this revolution of pinkathon forward.

We have in store some fun for you in the form of a Word Search, a section to light up your reading bulbs with five must-read books and of course we have answers from our expert to the most common fitness questions asked by our very own fitness community.

I hope you will enjoy reading and forwarding this Newsletter to as many as you can. waiting for your reviews and suggestions to make it better.


Thank you

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Street Smart is a unique tech venture which digitally connects automobile after-sales services and brings it within the fingertips of the end-customers..


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